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Catalan Christmas Pooper


Out of stock

Out of stock

Catalan Christmas Pooper for decoration. The Caganer is one of the most popular Christmas figurines in Catalonia.  This is one of the largest figures, up to 15cm/6in of height. It is ideal for decoration or gifts.

Out of stock

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Catalan Christmas Pooper Figurine

Catalan Christmas Pooper for Sale. The Christmas caganer is one of the most traditional and original Christmas nativity scene figurines in Catalonia. The caganer is a figurine of a man who wears a red Catalan barretina and a Catalan scarf… and he is pooping!

The figurine of this Caganer has a height of 15cm / 6 inches. The caganer is made of durexin, a high quality and very resistant plastic resin, almost unbreakable. The most appropriate material for international shipments.

Caganer, a Catalan tradition

The Catalan Caganer is one of the most traditional and unique nativity scene figures in Catalonia. The Caganer depicts a man wearing a red Catalan hat, known as ‘barretina’, and a Catalan scarf, who is shown pooping! In Catalonia, it is a common practice to include this figure in Christmas nativity scenes.

The origins of the Caganer are somewhat uncertain, with different legends arising from various villages and communities. Folklorist Joan Amades suggests that the character of the Caganer in the popular nativity scene is linked to fertilization rituals found among many European cultures.

Other legends trace the origin of the Caganer to the baroque period, spanning the 16th to 18th centuries, a time when guilds were prominent. This era was marked by a strong emphasis on realism, particularly in still life and scenes that captured the essence of village life. This is when depictions of working conditions, as well as indoor and outdoor scenes, gained prominence as artistic themes. And it is, also, believed that this is also where the figure may have appeared.

More information about shipping and buying a Caganer

This Caganer has the perfect size for shipping anywhere. Its protection is guaranteed in the packaging so that it arrives in the best conditions to your home. All caganers are exactly the same, as you can see in the product images. So nothing will vary in the final delivery. Discover what our customers have to say and share about our Catalan Christmas Logs! 

Where do we ship this Caganer Pooping figurine?

We ship this Caganer internationally to most countries in the world. The price of the product does not change when you get to the final payment, but the shipping price does change depending on your location. If when you want to buy your destination does not appear, it may be a technical error. Contact us and we will solve it.

Shipments in Europe take approximately 5 working days, depending on the shipping agency. In other countries outside Europe, it may take 10 working days (US, Canada…). We always include a shipping code for tracking the package.

Additional information

Weight 0,5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 16 cm


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