Guide Measurements Caga Tió de Nadal

At we offer for sale Christmas Catalan Pooping logs in several sizes and with different faces. Thus, you can find in our catalog small Caga Tions ideal for the Christmas decoration of your home or your store, as well as larger Christmas Pooping logs, ideal for pooping Christmas Eve gifts and sweets with friends and family.

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We can find 3 main sizes of Caga Tió de Nadal:

1.Mini Caga Tió de Nadal

The Mini Caga Tions de Nadal  are the smallest from our Caga Tió de Nadal size catalog. They are between 4cm and 7cm long, that is about the same size as a person’s hand! Ideal for gifts and Christmas decorations, you can find them in packs of 10 in our catalog of Mini Caga Tió.

2. Christmas Caga Tio for decoration: small and medium-sized logs

The Tió de Nadal for Christmas decoration are the small and medium sized Caga Tió. These Catalan pooping logs have lengths of between 10cm and 20cm, sizes that make them perfect for decorating both private homes and stores. They usually have a width of about 12cm and a height of about 18cm.

Size Tio de Nadal

3.Tió de Nadal to poop on Christmas Eve

This Tió de Nadal to poop on Christmas Eve is the ideal Caga Tió that will bring gifts and sweets for the little ones – and the older ones in the house!

These Christmas pooping logs have a length of between 30cm and 40cm approximately, which can be variable depending on the trunk, a width of between 16cm and 18cm and a height of about 30cm. These are the perfect measures of a Tió de Nadal if you want to make it shit with sticks and canes with all the family and friends surrounding it with a circle and singing the song of the Caga Tió on Christmas Eve.

As you can see some sizes are differentiated and available in different ranges. Christmas Caga Tió with a size between 30cm and 35cm, and with a size between 40cm-45cm.

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big and medium tio size
Tio de nadal side sizes