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Tió de Nadal song, the Catalan Christmas Tradition

The Tió de Nadal is the most famous and magical Christmas log in the world. At Christmas time in Catalonia, Tió de Nadal, also popularly called “Caga Tió”, poops presents and sweets for the little ones in the house – and also for the grown-ups. But, for this to happen, you have to hit him with the cane well and hard while singing the song “Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal”.

When is the Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal song sung?

The Caga Tió song is sung on Christmas Eve while the Tió de Nadal is being pooped in Catalan homes. The little ones usually go to a room to recite poems or sing Christmas carols, while the older ones prepare the Tió de Nadal with all the presents under the blanket.

When the children leave the room, they all gather around the Christmas log and hit it with their sticks very hard, while they sing the Caga Tió, Tió de Nadal song.

Caga Tió song lyrics

There are several versions of lyrics of the Caga Tió song, since the origin of the Tió de Nadal, the lyrics have been varying slightly depending on the area, town or city.

Here are some of the most common lyrics to hear and sing the Caga Tió song in Catalonia.One of the best known versions of the Caga Tió song is – with its English translation below:

Caga Tió song with lyrics  

Caga tió
avellanes i torrons
no caguis arengades
que són massa salades
caga torrons que són més bons

Caga tió
avellanes i torrons
si no vols cagar et donaré un cop de bastó, ben fort, ben fort…  

Caga Tió song lyrics translation in English

Caga tió
hazelnuts and nougat
do not fall herrings
they are too salty
poop nougats that are better

Caga tió
hazelnuts and nougat
if you don’t want to poop I’m going to hit you with a stick, very hard, very hard…

Another of the versions of the Caga Tió also very sung around the territory:

Caga Tió song with lyrics  

Caga tió
De mel i de mató
no caguis avellanes
que no ens agraden
caga torrons
que són molt bons


Caga tió, tió de Nadal;
posarem el porc en sal,
la gallina a la pastera
i el poll a dalt del pi.
Toca, toca Valentí.
Passen bous i vaques,
gallines amb sabates
i galls amb sabatons.
Correu, correu minyons,
que la teta fa torrons,
el vicari els ha tastat,
diu que són un poc salats.
Ai el brut, ai el porc,
ai el cara, cara, cara,
ai el brut, ai el porc,
ai el cara de pebrot.

Caga Tió song lyrics translation in English

Caga tió
Of honey and “mató”
don’t poop hazelnuts
that we don’t like
shit nougat
that are very good


Caga tió, tió de Nadal;
we’ll put the pig in salt,
the hen in the patera
and the louse on top of the pine tree.
Play, play Valentin.
Oxen and cows pass by,
hens with shoes
and roosters with shoes.
Run, run, boys,
the teat makes nougat,
the vicar has tasted them,
he says they’re a bit salty.
Ai the dirty, ay the pig,
ai the face, face, face, face,
ai the dirty, ay the pig,
ai the bell pepper face.

As we see, there are many versions of the lyrics of Caga Tió, which over the years have appeared. Which is the one you sing at home? Write to us in the comments the lyrics and we will add it too!

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