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The Tió de Nadal is the most magical log in the world. At Christmas time he poops gifts and sweets from under the blanket for the little ones and the grown-ups at home. From toys to wafers and nougat many gifts can come out of the belly, if we give it good and strong strokes of the cane. But, where can we buy Christmas pooping logs? And, even more, where can you buy Christmas Catalan pooping logs made by artisans that are unique and original?

At, you can buy the ideal Christmas pooping log for these celebrations. Discover all the yule logs that you can buy on our website with Christmas items.

Buy handmade Christmas pooping logs from Montseny, Catalonia

A great part of the Christmas pooping logs  that you can buy in the web of are made by artisans of Montseny, more concretely of Arbúcies, one of the villages with more tradition of Christmas pooping logs of all Catalonia.

catalan pooping logs montseny

How are our Christmas pooping logs made?

Made with cork oak wood from private forests of Arbúcies, in Catalonia, without damaging the natural environment, the Caga Tió are handmade. In this way, months before Christmas, the firewood is cut, so that it is dry and weighs less for Christmas. This not only helps the log to have a more natural and uniform color, but it also weighs less, and is more suitable for online shipments, as well as for storing the product in homes.

montseny catalonia

Once the trunk is cut, it is left to dry for a few months. The trunks are cared for on a weekly basis, so that the firewood dries properly, preventing moisture or insects from damaging them.

Next, they are put on the various Christmas accessories. First of all, their faces are made. Each one of them of limited editions. You will not find many of the same in Catalonia. With a smile from ear to ear, eyes popping out or nose protruding, each face is different and unique.

Then it’s time to put the red Catalan barretina on each of the different Christmas pooping logs. And nothing makes a Caga Tió more Catalan than such a traditional element of Catalan culture as the red barretina!

Finally, the only thing left to add is the blanket that will be used to cover the gifts and sweets that the Tió de Nadal is going to shit on Christmas night!

catalan pooping logs caga tio

Buy Christmas pooping logs for decoration

We can find different Tió de Nadal online for sale made in Montseny, ideal for home decoration, a store or even to give as a gift.

Mini Caga Tió

One of the products to give as a gift or to decorate are the mini Christmas Caga Tió. With a length between 4cm and 7cm, they are ideal for decorating or giving as a gift this Christmas. Each one of them comes with a red barretina and a blanket and each mini Christmas Tio is different and unique. You won’t find a matching head! Mini Christmas Tio’s can be purchased in packs of 10 on sale.

Buy Small Catalan pooping logs

The small Christmas pooping logs made with wood from Montseny have a length of 8 to 12 cm. In our catalog you will find different models of faces, of limited editions, of these Christmas Catalan logs, very suitable to decorate the home or stores at street level.

tio de nadla pooping logs

Medium Christmas Catalan logs

When it comes to Christmas decorations, the star log is usually the medium sized. With a length of about 15 cm to 20 cm, it is the perfect size for decorating dining rooms or living rooms, as well as stores or offices. We have different faces and sizes of medium Tió de Nadal to buy for decoration.

Get your Tió de Nadal

  • caga tio for sale medium

    Caga Tió Medium – from 15 to 20cm

  • caga tio small for sale

    Caga Tió Small – from 8 to 12cm

  • mini baby tio de nadal

    Mini Caga Tió de Nadal – from 4 to 7cm

  • catalonia pooping log for sale

    Caga Tió Small – from 8 to 12cm

Comprar tions de Nadal per a fer cagar

However, if what you want to buy are Christmas pooping log to make lots of gifts and candy on Christmas night, the most suitable are the large Christmas tions. We have several sizes of logs available. On the one hand, about 35cm in length, or between 40cm and 45cm in length. These measures vary depending on whether there are many people who have to give the Tió de Nadal a good and strong stick hit.

We have Caga Tió logs for sale made by artisans of Montseny of various sizes and faces. Also of limited editions and perfect to keep for future Christmas!

Get your Tió de Nadal

  • caga tio red nose

    Caga Tió Log Large – from 28 to 35cm

  • caga tio log de nadal extra

    Caga Tió Log Large – from 40 to 45cm

  • caga tio log for sale blanket

    Caga Tió Log Large – from 28 to 35cm

  • tiona de nadal tronc online

    Tiona de Nadal Girl – from 28 to 35cm

More information about buying our Christmas pooping logs

Buying our Christmas pooping logs is very easy, fast and safe. The products are shipped online. You can always track the product. The shipment of the Christmas trunk is with protection so that the product is not damaged. See our full catalog of Caga Tió log sizes for more information or contact us for more details.

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