FAQs about our products

Small and medium-sized Caga Tió de Nadal are weigh between 1 and 2 kg on average. The biggest Caga Tió de Nadal, about 40cm, are around 4-5kg.

The Caga Tió logs are measured mainly by the length they make. A small Tió de Nadal is approximately 8-12cm long, a medium Tió de Nadal is between 15cm and 30cm long, while a large Catalan pooping log, ideal for pooping, is between 30-45cm long .

No. In order to guarantee a safe shipment and not to damage the product, our Christmas Caga Tió are already built 100% with the legs glued to the trunk in order to guarantee their stability.

All the Christmas Caga Tió are made in Catalonia, more specifically most of them are made in Arbúcies, in the Montseny, one of the villages of Catalonia with more tradition of making caga tió!

No. The Caga Tiós de Nadal are made with dry firewood. No live trees are cut for the logs.

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FAQs about International delivery

Yes, no matter where you are from. We hace agreements with international delivery platforms.

The shipping cost depends on the country of purchase. We have all products in Catalonia. The external logistics company is in charge of defining the shipping prices.

We do not accept refunds for product characteristics. But if your Caga Tió arrives damaged, please contact our team.

Caga Tió shipments in Catalonia work differently. Visit denadal.cat for Caga Tió shipments in Catalunya.

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About packaging and product protection

We pack all our products in a proper way and with resistant materials to prevent their deterioration during shipments, either nationally or internationally.

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