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Tió de Nadal For Sale

If you are looking a Tió de Nadal for sale, you are in the ideal Christmas store. We have a wide catalog of Tió de Nadal for sale. Most of them are made by artisans from Arbúcies, in the Montseny, Catalonia, our Christmas Caga Tió have been taken care of during the months before Christmas to guarantee the best results and shipments.

Organized according to their length, we offer for sale Mini Tió de Nadal, small and medium-sized Caga Tió for decoration and large Caga Tió logs for sale the ideal one to poop lots of gifts and sweets on Christmas Eve.

Mini Caga Tió: from 4 to 7cm long

The Mini Caga Tió de Nadal are the smallest Christmas Tions. They are between 4cm and 7cm (1,5 to 2,7 inches) long, that is, the same size as a person’s hand or a caganer figure! You can buy them individually or in packs of 10 in our catalog of Mini Caga Tió.

Tió de Nadal for sale for decoration small and medium: 10 to 20 cm long

The Tió de Nadal for sale decoration are the small and medium ones. If you buy this Tió de Nadal, they have a length between 10cm and 20cm (4 to 8 inches), a size that make them perfect for decorating both private homes and stores during the Christmas holidays. They usually have a width of approximately 12cm (5 inches) and a height of about 18cm (7 inches).

Caga Tió log for sale: from 30 to 45cm in length

The Tió de Nadal to poop presents is the ideal size log for Christmas Eve, giving him strong strokes of the cane to bring gifts and sweets for the smallest – and the biggest of the house!

For the Caga Tió log for sale to be able to shit gifts it is important that it has a length of more than 30 cm (12 inches). Thus, we have available in our online catalog Christmas Tió de Nadal with a length of between 30cm and 45cm (12 to 18 inches) approximately, which can be variable depending on the trunk, a width of between 16cm and 18cm (6 and 7 inches) and a height of about 30cm (12 inches). These are the perfect measures of a Tió de Nadal for sale if you want to make it shit with sticks and canes with all the family and friends surrounding it with a circle and singing the song of the Caga Tió on Christmas Eve.

You can see a comparison of all sizes in our Caga Tió sizes guide.

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