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Caga Tió log for sale

If you are looking for a Caga Tió log for sale to make it “poop” gifts and sweets on Christmas Eve, you are in the ideal Christmas online store.

In our catalog you can find a Caga Tió log for sale with the typical Catalan red beret, the barretina.

Size of the Caga Tió log for sale

In our catalog you will find the Caga Tió logs organized by size. First of all, we have the Mini Tió de Nadal, which have a length of 4cm to 7cm (about 2 inches). Then, the small and medium-sized Tió de Nadal for sale, with a length between 10cm and 20cm (4 to 8 inches), ideal for Christmas decoration. And finally, the large Caga Tió logs, to make them “poop” presents on Christmas night.

These larger Caga Tió logs have lengths between 30cm and 45cm (12 and 15 inches), they are about 30cm wide (12 inches) and around 30cm tall (12 inches). Their size turns them into the ideal Caga Tió Logs to “poop” your presents on Christmas Eve.

For more information about the sizes of the Caga Tió, see our Caga Tió sizes guide or check out our full range of Caga Tió de Nadal for sale.

Buy a Caga Tió Log from 30cm to 45cm

You can buy a large Caga Tió with lengths from 30cm to 45cm (12 to 15 inches), depending on your preferences.

We have different models and faces available. Most of the Catalan pooping logs have limited edition faces, so if you find a face you really like, don’t let it slip away. You may find that when you buy the Caga Tió the face is slightly different, as it may vary depending on the shape of the trunk. However, we have posted many pictures of each product so that you can get a reliable idea of how your Caga Tió log is going to look like.

When a large Caga Tió is purchased, it does not come with a blanket, because the size of the blanket depends on the number of presents that we want to hide underneath. Even so, a blue and gray cloth is offered as a gift to be used to cover the gifts on Christmas night.

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