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Buy Decorative Tió de Nadal

If you are looking to buy a Tió de Nadal to decorate your home, this selection of Tió de Nadal has the ideal sizes. We offer you a series of small Tió de Nadal, which are between 8cm and 12cm long (3-5 inches), and medium Tió de Nadal, which are between 15cm and 20cm long (5-8 inches).

We have them available in different smiley faces and in limited editions. They are perfect for home decoration.

Buy Small Tió de Nadal

Buy small Tió de Nadal in our website. Its length is between 8cm and 12cm (3-5 inches) and it is about 10cm high (4 inches), which makes it the perfect Tió de Nadal for your home’s Christmas decoration this holiday season or to give as a present.

Made by artisans of Montseny, in Catalonia, the small Tió de Nadal has a red nose, a smile from ear to ear and a typical Catalan red hat called barretina, perfect for this holiday season!

In our catalog you can find two types of medium size Caga Tió, the Catalan christmas pooping log with a length of 15cm (6 in) and the Caga Tió for Sale for Decoration with a length of 20cm (7 in).

Buy Medium Tió de Nadal

Buy Medium Tió de Nadal in our webpage. They are between 15cm and 20cm long (5-8 inches), about 12cm wide (5 inches) and their height is approximately 18cm (7 inches). These measures make them the perfect logs to decorate any home or to store on the street and, later on, one can keep them in a closet until next Christmas without taking up too much space!

Finally, if what you are looking for is a Caga Tió to make it “poop” your presents on Christmas Eve you should check our Caga Tió log for sale. They have a length between 35cm and 40cm (13 to 16 inches) and therefore are more suitable for the tradition that involves hitting them with sticks so that they “poop” gifts and sweets on Christmas night. For more information about the sizes of the Caga Tió, see our Caga Tió sizes guide or check out our full range of Tió de Nadal for sale.

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