How do we treat the logs before selling and shipping them?

At we sell the Christmas logs with the best guarantees to avoid the propagation of woodworm in the trunks or other insects.

To do this, we carry out different processes, without chemicals.

Months before Christmas, the firewood is cut, so that it is dry and weighs less when Christmas arrives. This not only helps the log to have a more natural and uniform color, but it also weighs less, and is more suitable for online shipments.

On the other hand, months before Christmas we freeze the logs at least 48h-72h. This way, in case of any woodworm or similar, we prevent them from spreading in the trunk.

We then store them separately in cold storage for months before painting the face for shipment or sale. During the months before Christmas, the firewood is periodically cared for, so that it is not damaged by humidity or insects.

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