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Caganer for sale for the nativity scene

If you are looking for a Caganer for sale for your nativity scene, you are in the ideal online Christmas store. We offer you Caganers for Christmas decoration, either for Christmas cribs or for home decoration, stores or offices.

The Caganer is the most unique, original and popular figure of the crib in Catalonia. You can never miss the figure of this man with barretina and Catalan scarf to a Christmas nativity scene. Are you looking for a caganer on sale? Get your caganer on sale at!

Catalan Caganer for sale

In our catalog of Christmas products, you can buy a Catalan Caganer of the most traditional. With the red Catalan barretina, a Catalan scarf, a pipe in the mouth… And a poop, we have the Catalan Caganer you were looking for. With a height of 10-12cm (4 inches), which makes it the perfect figure for nativity scene, but also for Christmas decoration, we will send it online to your home.

Barça Caganer for sale

If there is something else popular in Catalonia… It’s Barça! That’s why in our online store you can also buy a Caganer, but dressed in Barça’s clothes! With a height of about 10-12cm (4 inches), this Barça Caganer is perfect to give as a gift, to put in a nativity scene or for Christmas decoration!

Buy caganer and pisser

If you want to buy a pack on bargain of the christmas pooper and the pisser, we also have them available in our catalog. With a reduced price, this caganer and pisser are the Christmas figures set, with Catalan scarf and barretina, perfect for decorating your Christmas crib.

Caganer for sale in a corner

We also have a more shy caganer in our catalog to buy caganers. Thus, you can buy the caganer hidden in a corner between bushes and stones, ideal as a nativity scene pooper.

History of the Caganer. Where did the tradition come from?

As Joan Fornés i Garcia explains in his book “El Tió de Nadal: orígens i tradició”, according to the folklorist Joan Amades the character of the caganer of the popular nativity scene is related to the fertilization rituals shared among many peoples of Europe. However, other legends about the origin of the caganer, place it in the baroque period during the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, time of preponderance of the guilds.  Find out more about the history and origins of caganer.

Also Tió de Nadal on sale

In our online store, you can find a caganer for sale for the nativity scene, but you can also find Tió de Nadal for sale to put next to the Christmas tree, which you can also find in our online store. From buying a Caga Tió log for Christmas Eve, to buy a Tió de Nadal for decoration, we have a wide selection of Christmas products.


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